The Future of Residential Life at Brewster

 In Brewster News

September 2016 — Brewster is currently raising funds to build a residence hall that will be as intentionally designed as our academic model and constructed to support our distinct program goals. The new residence hall is proposed for the south end of campus, across from three existing residence halls and adjacent to Clark Road. The proposed facility includes 22 student beds and 4 faculty residences. The building was designed with a residential look and scale to create the feel of a home away from home for students and to match the New England neighborhood aesthetic.

As part of Brewster’s vision, the Academy is looking to expand the Brewster Model to include all dimensions of a student’s experience. Therefore, the new residence hall has been designed to support an immersive program that is grounded in the school’s core principles of unconditional positive regard and character development.

The facility will allow Brewster to take an aged dormitory offline and transition it into improved faculty housing. The Academy is not looking to grow enrollment at this time.


Highlights of the project include:

• 22 student beds and 4 faculty residences to promote strong student-adult relationships and provide built in dorm relief.
• Space for day students to become more connected with the on-campus community.
• Multi-use space for a variety of enrichment activities.
• A mix of singles and doubles to meet the individual needs of students.
• Energy forward design elements to support Brewster’s sustainability goals.

This project is in planning phase and fundraising is actively underway.