We Made Our Goal!

We reached our Fund for Brewster goal of $1 million on June 30. We are most appreciative of the loyal and generous support from current parents, faculty and staff, alumni and their family and [...]

Emotions Matter at Brewster

Emotions matter. Positive and negative. They matter for everyone and this includes teenagers. In a time when adolescents overwhelming use the descriptors “tired” and “stressed” and “bored” to [...]

Brewster in China

On Thursday, June 8, a group of six faculty and staff, including Head of School Craig Gemmell, left Wolfeboro for a 12-day trip to China. The trip was generously sponsored by the SAEP Foundation [...]

What A Trip!

May 2017, Day 7 By TJ Palmer Six days “on the road” in D.C. was a whirlwind tour of museums, eateries, UberXL rides, and meet-and-greets. The group of five students packed in an enormous amount [...]

WDC Projects: Primary Sources

Day 5, May 11, 2017 Maria Draper ‘17 Today we started off our day by getting a good breakfast, some of us took a quick trip to Whole Foods, others had the luxury of having Mrs. P make some of her [...]

Spring in all its Chaos

By Craig Gemmell Head of School Spring in all its chaos is upon us. I started my own day being filmed by Alex, who is working with DuiDui on their end-of-year project in which they are producing [...]