Spring in all its Chaos

By Craig Gemmell Head of School Spring in all its chaos is upon us. I started my own day being filmed by Alex, who is working with DuiDui on their end-of-year project in which they are producing [...]

On Collaboration

By Craig Gemmell Head of School I spent time last week with our the robotics crew as they raced down the homestretch of their “build” prior to competition happening. They work out of an [...]

Late February

Snow again today. We are running out of places to pile it. The lake is postcard-worthy, white expanses punctuated by ice fishing huts in Wolfeboro Bay set up in vague clusters, the closest of [...]

Meal Time Sustenance

By Craig Gemmell Head of School It seems more and more as I settle in here to life at Brewster and in Wolfeboro that I’m carving out time to have dinner with students. I don’t know why this [...]

More Music, Please

Craig Gemmell Head of School I had an odd walk in the early morning over to school meeting; I was particularly fretful as I headed over in advance of the crowd of kids and adults to unlock doors, [...]

On Connection

By Craig Gemmell Head of School First community dinner Thursday night was a sight to behold. Once everyone found their seats, Bret Barnett encouraged kids to put away cell phones and be present. [...]

Tightening the Net

By Craig Gemmell Head of School Opening weekend at boarding school inspires more emotion than reality TV: joy, despair, stress, enthusiasm, fatigue, amity, enmity. Life’s great drama writ small; [...]


By Craig Gemmell Head of School After a day of rain and snow on campus, the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) met at Lord House on Monday evening. Sitting in the comfortable bay window looking out on [...]

Rites of Spring

By Craig Gemmell Head of School Winter’s snow only a memory, excepting the residual white fingers slowly retreating up the slopes of Gunstock Ski Area across the lake. Early yesterday morning [...]