James, Cornwell Recipients of Teaching Awards

 In Brewster News

At the opening All-School Assembly of the year, Head of School Craig Gemmell began by celebrating the accomplishments of two faculty members with the presentation of the Arthur Morris Kenison Teaching Awards.

In describing the recipient of the Career Growth Award, he spoke of a teacher who is highly reflective and always wants the best for her students.

james_emily56071“Her teaching philosophy and methods lead to a thoughtful approach to communicating a difficult subject to students in a way that allays their fears and channels their energy toward a hands-on practical understanding with fun activities, labs, and demonstrations. The time this teacher gives to her students is endless. She can often be found in the library on weekends tutoring students, giving make up assessments, or in the lab re-doing activities that students missed due to a hectic boarding school schedule. Through it all, she is always gracious and professional. She is an exceptional person. The recipient of the Arthur Morris Kenison Career Growth Award is Emily James.”

Nominated by faculty, administration, students, parents, and/or trustees, this designation and award is given in recognition of that faculty member who over the course of the year has demonstrated the most accelerated professional growth within the Brewster Academy program.

cornwell_janis26870He described the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award as “exceptionally perceptive in her understanding of student needs. She treats every student individually and celebrates their strengths and accomplishments without exception. Many students’ successes can be attributed to the investment she makes into her students lives. She has a gift for making the student feel safe and confident. And for making the faculty around her feel confident as well.”

Gemmell continued “On the team level few things fall through the cracks because of her keen attention to detail. She inspires us all to be the best that we can be and it is a long, long line of students and faculty who can attest to her remarkable contribution.” The Arthur Morris Kenison Excellence in Teaching Award is presented to Janis Cornwell.”

Nominated by faculty, administration, students, parents, and/or trustees, this designation and award is given annually in recognition of demonstrated excellence in teaching practices and overall contributions within the Brewster Academy program.