Monuments, Civil Rights, and Georgetown

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Day 3, May 9, 2017

By Clare Cassidy-Gardner

Today the DEE CEE Crew had a nice sleep-in until 9:15. Woke up to Mr. P’s lovely wind chimes! Soon after we all had Mrs. P’s famous breakfast, which included, scrambled eggs with spinach, avocado and salsa on the side. Quite delicious I must say! I (Clare) made one of my famous smoothies, banana with peanut butter and granola. Once breakfast was over, the group split up into our individual PBL groups: Holocaust and a profile of Frances Mary Albrier and her role in the Civil Rights Movement in California. We collaborated/worked on our projects for 2.5 hours. It was a very productive work session.

Soon after we all Ubered our way over to Georgetown where we walked through the town and shopped. Stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M, which you can’t find in Wolfeboro. I would say the shopping was a success for all!

As usual we Ubered our way back to our humble abode and relaxed and watched some Netflix, specifically The Office. A few of the crew had promised dinner and came through with a delicious dinner of steak with sautéed mushrooms and broccoli, as well as a side of Caesar salad and other mixed greens. And, as you might guess, the rest of the crew who didn’t cook, had the wonderful job of cleaning up.

Once the clean up was done, we Ubered to the Lincoln Memorial. We took some great pictures and embraced the powerful atmosphere of the memorial. We also learned that there were 36 pillars surrounding the memorial, which represented the 36 established states at the time of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. Furthermore, the sculptor (Daniel Chester French), who sculpted the bust of John Brewster which is displayed in front of Brewster’s Kenison Library, also sculpted the statue of Abraham Lincoln. After we toured around the Lincoln Memorial, we walked along the reflecting pool where MLK gave his “I Have A Dream” speech. Slowly we made our way to the Washington Monument and along the way we made some friends with mother ducks and their ducklings. Once we arrived at the Washington Monument we discovered that it would be under repair until 2019. However, that didn’t stop the DEE CEE Crew from embracing the beautiful architecture.

We then made our way toward Constitutional Avenue and as per usual waited for our Uber’s. Mr. P’s Uber arrived first and he left with his half of the group, leaving Mrs. P with the rest of the group. Not very CHAP! However, karma always wins, and Mrs. P’s group actually made it back to our humble abode seven minutes earlier than Mr. P’s group!

As you can see, the DEE CEE Crew is very competitive when it comes to Ubering around D.C. Overall, we had a fun, successful, and educational day. Even though we arrived back from the Monuments at 11:30 pm, we were ready for a good night’s rest and to get back on the road for tomorrow’s adventure.

Up next is the African American Museum and Library of Congress.

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