Spring in all its Chaos

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By Craig Gemmell
Head of School

Spring in all its chaos is upon us. I started my own day being filmed by Alex, who is working with DuiDui on their end-of-year project in which they are producing a documentary on me of all people. Well before 8 a.m., I took a swing through the halls of the Academic Building and saw many students already hard at work on their culminating projects. The volume of purposeful banter is rising steadily across campus as I sit and type.

There is, I think, something really good going on here right now. True, some students will try and fail at this period of quasi-independent work. But I do feel a buzz about the place. Students are thinking and building and collaborating and just maybe having that wonderful ah-ha moment.

Some highlights: a group is exploring how Brewster can build a more robust relationship with Northeastern Ballet Theatre and thus make Brewster yet more vibrant a school for future dancers. Another group is designing a new student center; another is exploring ways to introduce a mindfulness program to Brewster. Yet another is completing a feasibility study to replace aging micro-busses with biodiesel-powered vehicles. Several students just returned from working with students at the Trey Whitfield School in New York. Another cluster is doing research and seeing the sights in Washington, D.C., along with the Palmers. Still another group is planning a trip to Costa Rica next year to study sustainability issues. I could go on and on.

In the midst of lots of highlights, perhaps the greatest of the week to date came last night over at Kingswood Regional High School. Three of our prep basketball players organized a game to support our local youth center, and the game took place last night. The Brewster boys mixed in with the Kingswood team and played a game before a nearly full house. In truth, the basketball was generally sloppy despite several especially athletic dunks – and not a whit of defense was played. The real joy was in seeing our boys – generally immensely serious and clearly under pressure when on the court – smile and literally play in all its meanings with a wonderful group of boys from Kingswood. In the end, they did far more than raise the impressive handful of cash Emily James held at the end of the game. They built community among players and fans alike and just might have gained insight about the power of their myriad talents. I left feeling really good about our school.

Onward to graduation. We’ve got lots to celebrate since the Class of 2017 has been absolutely remarkable down the stretch!


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