WDC Projects: Primary Sources

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Day 5, May 11, 2017

Maria Draper ‘17

Today we started off our day by getting a good breakfast, some of us took a quick trip to Whole Foods, others had the luxury of having Mrs. P make some of her world-class eggs. Next, we caught an Uber and got dropped off at the Holocaust Museum for a First Person Presentation. A First Person Presentation is when one of the employees at the museum is a Holocaust survivor and participates in an interview about his or her experience. It was very powerful and will very much aid the group studying survivors for their PBL. We were all a bit hungry by now, so we went to the Hard Rock Café. It was so much fun. Then we rode over to the Library of Congress where we got to work. With some assistance from a librarian, I found a bunch a sources of my person of interest as did the rest of the group. We stayed and studied for a while. Lastly, we decided to return to the Holocaust Museum to take a picture of a photograph that the survivor from our interview had talked about. So, we took a quick trip back to the museum, found the photograph, and took a picture of it. Finally, we arrived back home. Mr. and Mrs. P cooked dinner, and we spent the rest of the evening relaxing. We all headed to bed pretty early as we were all exhausted.

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