What A Trip!

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May 2017, Day 7

By TJ Palmer

Six days “on the road” in D.C. was a whirlwind tour of museums, eateries, UberXL rides, and meet-and-greets. The group of five students packed in an enormous amount of activity akin to stuffing that rolled sleeping bag into one of those small nylon bags – you don’t think it will fit, but ultimately it does. Walking over seven miles on the first day, and almost 40 for the week, the Dee Cee Crew was busy morning, noon, and night.

Our last day in D.C. was a morning of packing and tidying our airbnb. The remnants from our visits to the grocery store were fairly limited, and Mrs. P created a leftover breakfast that the girls picked at as they packed up. We were able to store our bags (thank you, Kay) and after some discussion we headed to the National Zoo. Have to say, was not a highlight for me (not a zoo fan) but Maria, Sophie, and Morgan were impressed with the panda and lion exhibits. Our last two Uber drivers escorted us to Reagan National where our bags were a bit heavier upon return.

One of the highlights of the trip had to be getting to know the girls in a setting outside the classroom. They were truly the “Fab Five.” They stayed positive, enthusiastic, and interested for the entire week. They schlepped up and down escalators that didn’t work, jumped in and out of Uber cars, and when it rained they didn’t care. When an ankle hurt (Morgan), it was taped and when lunch didn’t come until 3 p.m., there was no whining. They were truly positive come rain or shine.

Hats off to the original Dee Cee Crew of Maria, Alli, Morgan, Clare and Sophia. They were the first PBL group to head out of Wolfeboro for an entire week of immersive study. Great job, ladies.

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