On Ambling

For several weeks this fall I traveled much much on Brewster business, engaging in all sort of outreach to prospective and current families and alums. I thus found myself in Massachusetts, [...]

Finding Shelter in Wolfeboro

Today’s annual Cooper Series brought together three New Hampshire women to talk about homelessness in New Hampshire and its impact locally. Although such a topic is neither easy nor uplifting, [...]

New Residence Hall Underway

Updates by Lisa Braiterman, Chief Financial Officer November 2017 – The second floors of the faculty apartments have been erected. Up next, literally, will be placement of roof trusses, the next [...]

Helping to Chase Away Homelessness

A celebratory “groundbreaking” took place on Wednesday for Hope House in Wolfeboro. Hope House will provide short-term emergency housing and services to homeless families with children in the [...]

Curvey Fellowships Announced

Expansion of the Curvey Scholar Program The Curvey family, including James C. Curvey and Shirley M. Curvey, has generously funded an expansion of Brewster Academy’s Curvey Scholar Program. [...]

Leadership and Generosity

Lord House was buzzing last night. Our 11 Curvey Scholars and their parents joined Jim, Shirley, and Scott Curvey for our annual reception – an event that has become one of the most awaited [...]

On Lucas

Below is Dr. Craig Gemmell’s eulogy of Lucas Wheeler ’18, delivered at the September 16, 2017, service for Lucas at the First Baptist Church in Newton, Massachusetts.   My name [...]

Students Offer Hurricane Assistance

On Sunday some students spent time organizing and packing relief supplies for hurricane victims. Pastor Gina Finocchiaro of the First Congregational Church Wolfeboro, UCC (adjacent to campus), [...]